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Plantar Fasciitis cured

I can't tell you how much they improved my situation. Since putting the inserts in my shoes I was able to get where I needed to go with relatively little pain. I would certainly recommend Bespoke insoles for anyone having the same pain issues I was suffering.

Frank Fell

now painfree

Pain free and painless experience with bespoke insoles. I have had bespoke insoles for two years, I suffered from plantar fasciitis in my right foot for about a year. After two to three month's wearing the insoles I was pain free and have been since. I wear the insoles every day, I would definitely buy again

Richard H

Olympic Medalist is impressed

“Using bespokeinsoles has made a remarkable difference to my cycling. With the simple way to take an imprint and having my insole in a few days I feel my instep is fully supported when riding and I am able to deliver my whole power through he whole foot.

Bryan Steel Olympic and World Cycling Medalist www.bryansteel.co.uk

Great value

I recently purchased two pairs of bespoke insoles. The insoles and the service were great. I've worn insoles for over 30 years and these are the cheapest and best I have ever bought. Five star service.

Peter Chance

Quick delivery

I needed insoles due to plantar fasciitis and my old ones had broke. I had tried other places who all gave estimates of 3 -6 months. The staff were professional, polite, very helpful and friendly. The insoles were of high quality and very good. I will be ordering more and would recommend for custom insoles. Thank you.

Michael Lingwood


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