Take a hike day - hiking insoles - bespoke insoles

Take a hike day (17th November) is around the corner!

Get your hiking insoles today!

Hiking is something that consistently helps to rebuild the human connection with nature, and also aids in maintaining healthy hearts and bodies as well. Don't forget to stay hydrated, prepare for the weather and protect your feet!

Hiking insoles- take a hike day

How to protect your feet?

Bespoke Insoles can secure your foot inside your hiking boot so that you benefit fully from the stability it was designed to provide. Walking can put tremendous amount of wear and tear on our feet. Therefore, having supportive insoles can help control motion, relive strain and stabilise a foot that might have heel pain. As these will align your skeletal system to give you optimum performance on the track, road mountain etc... Promote a better balance providing a more stable platform spreading your weight evenly across your feet.

Fit feet, Fit body, Fit mind!


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