Custom made Cycling Bespoke Insoles

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Frequent physical activity of moderate intensity like cycling, walking, running or any type of sports has huge benefits for health. Along with your health, your feet play a big factor as you use them every single day. Do you look after your feet? Have you thought about Bespoke Insoles custom made insoles?

Near enough anyone can ride a bike as some see it as fun and do it to go on bike rides with friends and family, or cyclists who are always on their bikes, or even others who use it as a way of transport. Everyone has their own use of a bike yet can all have the same benefits with using Bespoke Insoles. The lightweight custom made Bespoke Insoles will prevent over pronation as you force your power down through the pedal. you will feel the insoles as you pedal, thus providing an extra source of resistance to create extra power.

Long lasting supportive Bespoke Insoles will:

  • prevent overpronation
  • improve comfort
  • improve balance
  • improve shock absorption
  • Stop plantar fasciitis pain
  • support fallen arches
  • support high arches
  • prevent Achilles tendinitis
  • distribute weight evenly

Your feet are unique to you, they support you all your life and have to put up with the stress and strains of carrying your entire body through whatever you throw at it, the feet are the bodies shock absorbers and with an average of 200 million steps over a lifetime we ask a great deal of them!  Isn't it time you supported them properly?

Almost all footwear is mass produced with a one size fits all approach, all feet are different even your left is different to your right, so they will never be truly supported in standard footwear. 

Bespoke Insoles uses a foam impression kit to capture the exact foot shape of both of your feet, we then use powerful laser scanning to digitise your shape and use computer aided design to produce a close fitting supportive insole that will improve your comfort and provide you with better balance.

With custom made orthotics in your shoes your weight is distributed more evenly allowing for improved performance and endurance.

Your feet will support you for many years to come but as we age they can begin to collapse leading to fallen arches, over-pronation and heel pain (plantar fasciitis). In turn this can lead to problems with your knees, hips, back and posture.  We suggest wearing custom made orthotics from as early an age as possible, before the problems occur.

So place an order today and we'll post you the foot impression kit with a freepost return label so you can order from the comfort of your own home, no need for a medical, you will have your new custom made cycling insoles within 5 days and be correctly supported for the rest of your life.

most customers are so happy they come back and order repeat pairs, for which we offer a 10% discount.